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Start a squad

With HvZ Squads, you can start a squad that will let you and your friends team up to battle zombies. Any player can join a squad, whether they have Squads or not.


Buying Squads helps us keep Humans vs. Zombies online for everyone to enjoy. We'll show off your support with a golden star on your avatar, and in chat.

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What are Squads?

Squads are a new premium feature for HvZSOURCE that we are very excited about. They are a way for you and your friends to organize against the zombie threat.

How much does it cost?


Everyone in my squad has to pay $5?

Nope, just the squad leader.

Who can join a squad?

Any human can request to join your squad. You can choose whether to allow them in or not. When a player becomes a zombie they are automatically removed from the squad. If the squad leader becomes a zombie the second in command becomes the new squad leader.

What do I get, exactly?

The ability to:

  • Create a squad in any game you play in.
  • Name your squad and give it a unique avatar.
  • Create custom ranks for your squad-mates that will be displayed below their name in the player list.
  • Create a hierarchy and decide who will take over as squad leader if you are tagged.
  • Keep sensitive information private with the chat box on your squad page
  • Receive mission information from moderators or calls for help from fellow players with a squad inbox.
  • You will also help support the future of Humans vs. Zombies.
  • Can I see what the Squad page looks like?


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